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" That's a good girl!"A few minutes later, we were in the middle of a pink and black displayat Victoria's Secret, surrounded by scores of women and mostintimate things. I felt very conspicuous holding my purse slung over myshoulder like most of the women around us. I was simply following thetraining in how a woman keeps her hands free to use for "efficienthunting and gathering," which Samantha had given me on our walk throughthe mall. My boss was nice, but very particular.Samantha. "I ... you know you didn't have to offer to buy clothes for Barbara."Perry met his eye, raised a brow. "Barbie, you mean? C'mon, it's the least I can do. You really have a problem with her getting a bunch of new, sexy clothes?"I don't, do I? It's not a big deal. And hey, no reason not to accent her new looks."No, not at all. I guess it just seems like it should be my responsibility." Tell you what," Perry inquired, "you give me the story behind your Diamond membership, and we'll call it. (pause) I'm not a bad girl. (pause) I get so horny. (pause) It's not fair.” She is making protests but her legs are going wider and her hips are thrust forward. I am certain that I have control of what is going to happen. I take a moment to get the garment off her, it slides to the floor and I place my hands on her ass and lift her petite form on to the counter's edge. I move forward between her thighs. “Baby, are you sure? I know you have wanted me for a long time. Me too. I want. ‘You know what I like done. Don’t you?’ ‘Certainly Ma’am!’ I dropped onto my all four and crawled towards her feet. Somehow crawling on all four on the ground before her while she sat and comfortably stretched in the sofa felt very appropriate. That is how I should always be in her presence. As I kissed her foot worshipfully she asked ‘After this afternoon – do you think I should still have to ask you to lick my feet?’ I apologized as I was licking her salty delicious feet ‘I am sorry Ma’am. I.

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