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To begin with I held myself up above her as I thrust so both I and Patrick's camera could get a good view of my dick thrusting in to her bald vagina, ...ut soon my arms began to ache in this unusual position, and anyway, there was only so long I could resist the sight of her pert breasts wobbling so invitingly below me. I buried my face in them, sucking greedily at those hard nipples while the rest of my body pressed against hers, apart from my hips which continued to thrust. With her mouth free. Screaming she started to pound Jake's member as fast as she could but this wasn't doing her any good as the almost fever she was feeling was continuing to grow. Growling she almost hissed at Jake, "Take me Master Jake it is growing uncontrollable please!" Rolling them both Jake started to pound into Trully as hard as he could; her screams and grunts bringing his three Jinns. Gen's eyes got wide then a huge smile spread across her face as well as Rosalinda's. Rashala was starting to pant. A single finger runs along my slit, finding me already deliciously wet. You've been teasing me for nearly a half hour, with barely any touch. The things you do to me make my body go weak. You let your finger glide across my clit, my body naturally responds. “Tut tut, Doll. Keep still. Don’t make me remind you again.” “Yes Sir.” I whisper, almost a whimpering sound escaping my lips. Your finger continues to dance along my slit, causally hitting my clit testing my limits. I don’t know how much. Our life could now get back to whatpassed for normal here. Nine Months Later Jacob Jr was now a year old and I had started giving him baby food. He stilldid some nursing as well, but I was looking forward to finally being finishedwith my nursing duties. My nipples were now quite long and constantly sore.One night after I finished feeding the baby some applesauce, Jacob had me sitat the table with him. He told me, " Tricia, you have done a wonderful jobof nursing my son. I know that you will.

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