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Her lips had just met his when she felt something again stir under her leg. A vibration. His phone. Rebecca wasn’t sure what to do so she kiss him. She watched his eyes dart to his pocket and then back to her. She grinned and pulled off him. ‘Do you, um, need to get that?’ ‘I, uh, fuck. Nah, I’ll just let it-.’ The vibration shook again. ‘Fuck. Look, I’m sorry. Really. Gimme like one sec-.’ He dug into his pocket and pulled out his phone angrily. ‘Who the fuck is calling. Jill spent the day keeping herself to herself, nothing had to spoil it; all that mattered to her was 8pm and the computer screen.8.05, 8.10, Jill looked at the message board, a couple of girly things but no, suddenly there he was, R for CUP CAKE.Hello, thought you weren't coming. C CSorry, late as usual still how are you, had a good day? RYes, busy with friends, thank god no practice today. C CDon't you like practice bet you look great in your uniform, tell me about your height and the way you. I pulled on the blackcourt shoes and was sitting at the vanity unit when Victoria came intothe bedroom. "Casual look this morning?" she questioned."Yes I thought so and in any case the stuff I wore yesterday I had onall night so I'll do the laundry after breakfast. Would you help mewith the make-up?" Of course," and she sat in front of me and began. She applied it inmuch the same way as the previous evening, "as it goes with thejewellery." It was if anything heavier and darker. I knew that. A few seconds pass as I'm lost to my own orgasm, then i turn to my friend and beg for his forgivnes for messing up his keyboard, I slide off the bed onto my knees to have a closer look at it and he shimmys up too where i was, telling me over and over that it doesn't matter letting his hard cock stand on it's own as he slides up to where i was, PERFECT, i lunge at it, taking his manhood as deep as i can (again only 18, so can't deepthroat yet). After his instant moans of pleasure let me knew i.

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