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I knew she had been irritated when she saw me talking to the girls. Her name is Annie, and I would guess she is about 37, ten years my senior. I hav... to admit she's attractive, though it annoys me to do so. She's taller. Her hair is cropped short on the sides, longer and tinted red on the top. It comes down in perfectly straight layers to just above her pretty brown eyes. She has many piercings in her ears and a little nose stud. She's a runner, and on her days off she would often stop in. Madam ki chut ki khusboo sungh kar hi mere loda khada hone laga par panty me bada hone laga. “Haha, dekh sale kutte ka loda kase tadap raha h chaddi me. Chal muje fresh hoke ana h, tuje bhi lekar chalti hun”Unhone muje balo se pakad aur bathroom taraf chal di. M bhi unke peeche jhukkar chalne laga. Vo komod par jakr baith gayi aur m unke pairo k pas neeche baith gaya bilkul unki chut k samne. Unhone mutne start kia aur apni do ungli mut me geeli kar k muje chatne ko de di. “Le suar ki aulad. A wet dream actually. She parted her lips and take the head of my cock into her mouth. She slowly worked her tounge around the head and was driving me crazy. It took all I had not to push my cock down her throat but I was able to restrain myself. She pulled off my cock and asked "Did Granny make it better?" "That felt so good Granny but the pressure is still mounting." She said " Well let me see if I can help you out some more." She then opened her mouth wide and started taking me deeper into. ’ ‘Hey, come on, Trish,’ Buddy said. His face clouded over with anger and he started toward her. ‘I don’t know what makes you think you can get away with bein’ so fuckin’ snotty all of a sudden. I know what kinda chick you are, so don’t give me that shit!’ ‘Stay away from me, Buddy!’ Trish yelled. She was hoping against hope that someone in the school building would hear her cries, come in, and help her. ‘I’m not going to do anything with you, not now, not ever! Get out of here and leave me.

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