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..I'll go first. You might already know by now that I had a certain liking for oral sex with my previous boss in his office. As for the 'submissive an... naughty' part, I used to do different things that he'd ask of me, things that turned both of us on to no end." Like?" Like I used to occasionally go pantyless to work. He would call me in to his office, have me sit on his desk, and make me lift up my skirt to show him how I felt about it. That usually ended with me having to wipe his desk clean.. So we left the bar we headed to my motel room which was only a few blocks away. When we got into my room he said that he like mexican meat and loved to fuck mexican asses real hard so I pulled off his shorts, out falls the biggest cock I'd seen up till than it was so hugh, it was already getting hard so I dropped to my knees, started to suck his cock up one side and down the other I sucked him into my mouth I fought my gage reflex and took him in until my nose was up against his stomach he. As the first bright streak was spotted, the group decided there was too much light, so the fire was doused and the couples began spreading out down the beach. Everyone knew there would be some serious fucking happening, soon.Don spoke first, “Well, this looks like a nice spot. We can put our blankets side by side and talk while we watch the show.”After thirty minutes of small talk, listening to love making thirty yards away, and spotting twenty- two meteors, Rosa turned onto her side and. I wanted to see if one was better than the other.”“And?”“This is the last question I answer, then it’s my turn.”“Okay.”“Terry was way better, he even pushed his tongue against mine, I was like ‘WOW’.”“Did you get turned on?”“Oh no, too many questions.”“Alright” I conceded.“Truth or Dare?” I took the dare. “Since you are so interested in my kissing life, I dare you to kiss me.”I looked at my sister, it was in her eyes, she was serious, that was her dare. I thought about paying a penalty but we.

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