As we drank and talked, I noticed Deb had made her way to the bar as planned. Both she and Ellie were looking very hot. I was wondering if I would be ...ble to just watch later. Time would tell. After a few more drinks, I convinced Ellie it was time to head back upstairs for some fun. As we walked through the bar to the elevator, I slipped a room key to Deb and as planned, she was to give me about 30 minutes. When we got back to the room, Ellie attacked me, clawing at my neck and kissing me. Self- praise is not recommendation but let me do it that my body was really made for a sin and even a saint would lose his self-control in close proximity to me.I meaningfully stared passionately into his lovely eyes, he also kept his eyes on me, and sometimes he smiled while looking at me but nothing more than that. Days passed us by.On different occasions Prem approached me with small gifts for the children, and me these I accepted with grate thanks. Each time he came to us he made up some. I felt too sympathy upon her and for few moments thought of become as a hero to save her from such a pathetic life. I become so close to her and just take a parental care by comforting her through words and even take her in my bike to some shopping etc which none in office knows. She calls me late night after 11 and talks even flirt a little.Once at Sunday after noon she called me and asked to go to her home as her DVD doesn’t works. When I went there I was stunned as I see her with a red color. Jamming the shotgun barrel in through the cracked doorway before the pair on inside guards could change their mind and slam the door, I started blasting away, unloading four shells as fast as I could fire and pump, with the cones of fire slightly staggered from left to right to sweep the area behind the doorway clear.It was brutally noisy, but certainly the right choice! Both guards were down with large gaping 00-buck gut wounds. The impact force had also been enough to knock them backwards so.

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