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Once done I poured a beer bottle all over her body and licked the body. She too poured beer bottle on me and she also licked my body completely. Then ...he took my tool and pushed inside her ass. Since it was the first time my tool was paining too much but the pain too was really very nice when I imagine now.Then I started to push my tool inside and outside woowww it was really sexy and she started to beat me very hard and started to moan ” ohhhhh come on baby fuck me fuck me fuck me hard”. After. She looked at her dad and gave a weak smile. "I'm still deathly afraid of storms. Don't lock your door dad. I may be making a beeline to your room if things get too squirrelly."Fred looked at his daughter. She stood only three inches shorter than he did. And at 5'10, she wore her 180lbs extremely well. Like her mother, Jennifer had a big chest. He had taken a peek at her bra size and wasn't too surprised to find that she was a 40 DD. Sharon her mom was 42 DD! And she had that same round full. What he didn't know is that I was upstairs in our bedroom waiting for them to finish.When he arrived, Jen went downstairs to greet him while I laid in bed with my cock in my hand. I could not hear much at first, usually a sign that Jen was working her mouth over his 8 inch, thick cock. She loves to give head, and is incredible at it.After several minutes, I can hear her start to moan. Bob has obviously stuck his big dick inside of her. She is moaning constantly, telling him "fuck me" and "your. About 2 rounds of Scotch sipping and they were in each other’s arms with an amazing hunger to kiss the other. Jerry could feel Marlin’s mature cock jut out into his thigh and his very wet and slippery tongue was also working around Jerry’s tongue. Marlin was kneading the young man’s ass buns through his pant fabric making him hard as steel and pressing his cock against Marlin’s crotch. Jerry’s over filled balls were getting anxious to spill their seed.Then Marlin broke the kiss and started to.

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