These two were something. This was going to be a night to remember. These girls worked me as a team. Each finished what the other started. If one...would be slobbering all over my cock the other would work her head below and be pulling my balls into her mouth. They tag teamed me sharing my mouth, my nipples and passed my cock back and forth like a dime store lollypop. They even got face to face as I pumped my rod through their lips. If one was sucking me the other was licking me somewhere. I never wanted this to end! I prayed for it to never end! I screamed for it to never end! My orgasm continued to climb within me and my body was raked by violent tremors. I was cumming hard constantly now. I could no longer control my body's response to this bestial assault and my mind simply blinked off. I no longer knew if I was going to survive this. I had let go of all morals and body and soul were committed to this bestial fucking. I became a dog-fucking slut!The animal continued to ravage. I have business to tend to tomorrow. I hope to see you at the Carnival.’ I looked and said, ‘I’ll be there.’ Once he left my suite, I listened in to his conversation from the tracking device and voice recorder through a pair of headphones. I listened in. Harold was on his cell phone talking to his soon-to-be-fiancee, Susan. He was talking about a plot involving stealing jewelry from the Countess Isabella Alexa Drivolia at the carnival tomorrow. The Drivolias are one of many non-title royal. With some difficulty hemanaged to get his key in the lock, opened the door and headed for thestairs and his own bedroom. On the way he passed a small table in thehall and picked up a couple of letters addressed to him. The first wasfrom his sister Charlotte and he tore open the envelope quickly."Dearest CharlesI do hope that you are well and also that you enjoyed Anne Carmichaelscoming out ball. That must have been so exciting for her. I would loveto have seen her dress. Was it very pretty? Can.

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