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One night after about two weeks of all this, Linda was brought home by one the mothers. Linda jumped into my arms sobbing and crying her heart out.I t...ok her to her room and started her a hot bath to soak in, I knew it would help her sore body. As I helped her undress, It came to me that my little girl had turned into a sexy young lady.Linda was five foot ten inches tall, long blonde hair down to her very tight ass. Soft blue eyes that would melt any body's heart. Her breast were a round and. I felt him slip in bed behind me, wrap his arms around me, and then I was asleep. The next morning as I awoke I felt everything that happened last night was a dream. I stretched and could feel a slight aching in all the right places, and I smiled to myself until I realized that I was alone. I was a little upset, and got up to take a shower. As I was getting dressed I noticed a note on the stand by the bed. It said to come down to the café for breakfast, and was signed R&C. My heart jumped in. Long flowing black hair going all the way to her tight little butt. She has a nice b cup that was very perky. Now her nipples were hard. She started to hear a moan from behind her. CeCe was completely naked except her white tube socks going half way up her calf. CeCe was little shorter then Rocky. CeCe had red hair that was in a bun on the top of her head. She has A cups that where filled with life and bright pink tits. Now both of the girls were laying next to each other naked. Rocky had. "Yes. My mom was a native islander, and my dad was amix, with his dad being white and his mom being black." while she spoke,she fingered the silky, bright yellow dress.It had multi-coloured flowers on it, reminding Michelle of the classicHawaiian shirts, but much more richly made than any of those."You like it?" asked Aleece. "It's yours." I... I couldn't take something like this, it must have cost a fortune."stammered Michelle.Aleese smiled and said, "I have plenty more, hon. I came by today.

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