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Pain ebbing away from below, but the pins in the bra left her with a longer distraction. The whipping had stopped… they were waiting… falteringly voice asked for the second round, her eyes shut now, tears falling to drip on her chest , her breath in sobs now, as the lash found the bra once again the sobs turned to cries of anguish, the blows falling fast now, two thee four, her body on fire, her tits a mass of screaming pain only followed by her clit which having become aroused had taken. They promised that was doable and I told them I’d be by tomorrow with the amount they’d quoted me for the full gym for that time.When I returned to the cafeteria, they squealed with delight and I was buried in hugs from excited girls before I had to go to meet Tricia to walk her to lunch before my class started.She grinned at me and I told her that we were going to be meeting a coach after school to get everything ironed out. She told me she was glad that it was working out and she kissed me. The story isn't 100% harmonious with the ever changing canon or existing legends stories, but I'll try to make it as fitting as possible! I do not own any of the pictures used in the story, just found them on google! Feel free to ask me if you want them removed!As always, please report any bugs you may encounter during your adventure to improve the experience! Don't forget to let me know if you have any suggestions for the story (could get implemented in later missions if isn't exclusive with. . now."As she said that, a door behind her opened. In walked The Pelican,Half Face, and The Yuckster. The first wore formal attire and had athrusting jaw with a sack of loose flesh under it, making him resemblethe sea bird after which he was named. The second's visage wasmasculine on one side and feminine on the other, as were his clothes.The last of them had on a suit with wide, candy cane stripes, and gaudyyellow shoes. His complexion was unnaturally pale and his dark,collar-length hair.

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