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"Come and fuck me, I mean… surely they have to be prepared for something like this, and with two of us?" "Are you alr...ght Ivan?" Millie his wife quizzed noting how down he looked. "Fine Millie… I just wished I hadn't got to go back to work, I'm a bit bushed today what with one thing or another, only they want the pool put right before morning. The boilers are playing up, I can't go back on my word…still it shouldn't take that long". I linked one of her arms and "Batman" linked her other we managed to get to the nightclub and I was surprised we managed to get in seeing how drunk we were . The lads got another round of shots in and wanted Julie to dance , my vision was blurred but could see Julie on the dancefloor with Batman, Captain America and Wolverine .She was struggling to stand up and looked like she was going to fall over but from behind Captain America grabbed her , accidentally or not he had stopped her falling by. Ana put on a simple black dress, her shoulders mostly bare, with thin straps holding it on, that went about halfway down her thigh making her legs show up nice atop her high heel shoes. It wasn't too revealing but very sexy, showing off her curvaceous figure. We then went directly to the restaurant. The music was soft and it made us both go into a relaxed mood. After a great dinner we headed on over to the hotel's lounge that was rather crowded. A band was playing off to the side near a small. Pinbu veettu manaivi ennai nandraaga aravanithaar, pinbu house owner paiyan oruvan irunthaan avan peyar gautham. Vayathu 23 irukum, avanai naan muthalil paarkum pozhuthu aunty neengal ennai gautham endru peryar soliye azhaikalam endru solinaan.En kanavan kaaikari kadai vaithu irupathaal naan niraiya pazha vagaigal sapiduven athanaale en mugam pala palavendru irukum.Pinbu mulai perithaaga pazhuthu irukum, en kanavanuku vayathu aagi vitathaal avar ippozhuthu ellam ennai sex seivathu illai naanum.

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