My wifes bra hit my chest. I struggled a bit but finally got iton and then following instructions I again knelt in front of Mike.On the drive to our v...lla it was explained to us how our captors targetedexpats like ourselves, especially those with secluded villas and usedthem for thei amusement during the summer holidays. They explaned thatthey had a thriving business in the porn industry selling footage ofcaptive couples being humiliated and degraded.Once at the villa they took us to the pool. He spread his legs a little wider and I massaged the running oil with my middle finger to the entrance of his ass. My finger gently rimmed his ass hole whilst my mouth continued to massage his lovely smooth balls. My right hand now started to pump hard up & down on his long shaft.David’s now spoke in a deep breath, "stick your finger up my arse" he panted. My finger slipped up David’s oiled up arsehole “fucking deeper “ he said, I continued to work probing his arse as deep as I could manage.. I don’t know what possessed me to say it; maybe just the fact that the babydoll she was wearing under that gown was one she’d bought to wear with Brett, or maybe the scene in the TV show, but I blurted out, “Hon… that first night… I’ve been dying to know…”She smiled at me, a surprised look on her face, “Been wondering when you’d ask. What brought that up all of a sudden?”I looked down, reaching underneath her sexy clothes and gently pinched her nipple between my thumb and forefinger, “Dunno, it. "How does it feel to be ****d and abused white man. How does it feel to belike my father and mother, abused and ****d by the white men. If I releaseyou must first promise to do anything I ask of you. Anything white squawman."I nodded my head yes."Swear it white man on your mothers grave." I swear I will do anything you ask, anytime you ask." Good." He cut me loose and told me to go bathe.After I came up from the pool, he handed me a plate of stew and a thickslice of unleavened bread. I ate.

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