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"I want you so bad baby" she said to me, catching her breath as she moved back and took my cock in her hand, stroking it slowly. She reached over and ...rabbed the soap, running it over my chest soaping me up like I had done for her prior to the sweet embrace. Placing the soap back in it's holder, she ran her soapy hands all over me with visible enjoyment. Slowly her hand soaped up my hard member, the water running over my body made the experience all the more sensual. The soap now washed away by. This all was going in my mind and I used to jerk off every day after practice in the night. It had become a routine for both of us to play the stare game. Someday she wore a saree or some day punjabi dresses. On that day, just as usual after practice, I went there. The lady was in a sleeve less saree. Her navel was almost visible. She dropped her child in the bus and smiled at me as usual while excusing and today I winked at her. She sat in her car and she too winked at me and drove away.That. I asked if I could take off the blindfold. I felt her back off and without notice I again felt the sting of another hard slap to my cheek as she said "I told you you'd be sorry. I said not to say a word until I tell you it is OK to speak, now shut your mouth", this time the slap was hard enough to see stars. She mounted my face again and I was startled when I felt warm fluid dripping and being smeared around on my face. I first thought that my wife had become turned on by her newfound dominant. You got the part about me wanting her right but my husband fucks only who I say fuck. Right Kelly. Yes mam! Good girl. She no longer sleeps here she’s in mine now and by the way, Bo is going to make her forget all about you! Kelly strip! She hesitated because of the young boy and Tammy was fast to strike her face. Never hesitate. Carl is gonna sample some of your good pussy that ok? Yes ma’ strip and get on your back with that pussy ready! She was done in a flash. Jim, strip! I.

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