When word got out that Ann was pregnant, it would send the school administration through the roof, but she hoped to hide it from them a few more month.... She knew she couldn’t keep it hidden until the end of the school year, but in the meantime, she wore baggy clothes, which worked well during the winter. Ann met Natalie in the school cafeteria at lunch. Natalie sat across from Ann and pushed an envelope over to her.“Look inside.”“Uh, okay,” responded Ann with a look of query.Inside, there. Shane said he would be over in ten minutes. Laurie cleared her throat. “Can I ask you a question, baby?” “Sure, Mom.” Matt’s voice was light and breezy – clearly he was in a great mood. “Why am I making more food? And why are you dressed?” “Remember what you told me before, Mom? About what it means to be someone’s slut?” Laurie was puzzled. “What, baby? What did I say?” Matt’s voice changed once again to that controlling timbre. “These words ring a bell, Mother? Anyplace…anytime...anyone?” And. ” “Hold on, hold on, keep your pants on.” I said with a devilish smile and continued “I need to figure this out.” I again leaned forward again and came right up to Michael’s lips and stopped. “I love you.” Michael’s hands pulled me onto him and he rolled us over. He was on top of me. His legs were tangled with mine, his hips and stomach against mine and his hand was on my cheek. “See that was easy.” Michael said as he gently took control and started to kiss me. It was soft and loving. “I. I am ready in my room as he comes in but to my surprise he is accompanied by 3 latin men. They are dressed well but seem a bit rough. My husband Tom introduces only one of them "This is Juan and his friends. I became friend with them while playing. We are going to have some drinks with them. I hope you don't mind" But honey we have reservations."I am wearing my favorite party dress. It is green and black and made of silk. The high belt showcases my large breasts and makes my legs longer. The.

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