My pussy felt on fire. My clit burned with its desire to be touched and caressed. Suddenly Sean stood up and slipped out of his Jeans, releasing his t...robbing hard on. His rampant shaft was huge, at least 10 inches long and as thick as my forearm. His blood engorged cock knob glistening with drops of his pre cum. Stripping my sopping wet panties down and off my long legs, he stretched out beside me on the bed and took me in his arms. As he pulled my inflamed body tightly against his, his cocked. Somehow we managed to fuck in the slippery tub.I rammed my cock into Cheryl’s pussy as she wrapped hersticky stocking clad legs around me. Cheryl thrust herbody up against me with each of my strokes as ourtongues intertwined. Cheryl came way before I did. Ikept humping her until I exploded into her pussy. I keptdriving my slowly softening cock into her vagina untilshe came a second time.We laid there kissing a while, Cheryl’s hands all overmy naked syrup encrusted ass. We rolled. I remembered what I’d done with Laramie and just caressed her lips with mine, tickling them with my tongue. It didn’t stay slow and easy all that long. We got pretty hot, even though I tried not to let my hands get carried away. I could hear some laughs and a rude comment or two, but I just ignored it. This was what Mary Beth wanted.When she pulled away she looked into my eyes. I called them witch’s eyes. Green with those gold flecks. You’d think she could see right through you.“Every day I’m. Mistress walks in suddenly, looking at the three of us wrestling and Kat acting like the bigger sister to Haley and I. Sighing, She shakes Her head."Kittens... do you always have to bicker? Ash, get off Haley. Haley, don't pounce on Ash. Let her explore. Kat... make sure she doesn't go downstairs. That is for tonight."Is this a normal thing? Haley and Kat bickering? Now will it be normal for Mistress to tell Haley and I not to wrestle? My mind wanders as I stand up, looking around the kitchen..

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