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" Sam said in a tone that said she already had a pretty good idea. Of course she had a good idea who it was. It could only be one."It was your lover b...y wasn't it?" Carly asked, still smiling.‘Lover girl was more like it.’ Melanie thought as she shook her head yes."I knew it." Carly said as she got up from the couch and ran over to Mel. "Who is it? Is it someone I know?Melanie nervously laughed and looked over at Sam and Freddie who both just shrugged."Yeah, I guess you do kind of know… this. "A cock craving bitch, Mmmmmm that’s so good! Please fuck me harder!!"I came right then pumping her with spunk my legs jerking with effort, she knew I was coming as she can always feel it filling her and buried her head again in the seat coming with me. When I was finished I pulled out and stepped back, Wendy moved as if to turn back around but I reached in and grabbed her bunched up skirt pulling her back to where she had been."You're not going anywhere bitch, not until the boys here have all. Keith was still hard and was going to stay that way, so he moved over to his mother. She rolled over onto her stomach and indicated she wanted it in her ass. He dove in, dick first, you might say, and gave her ass the same treatment he had just given his principal. Ms. Davis reached for another toy, a double dildo, and inserted one end in Karen and stopped their movements long enough to move Karen on top of her and inserted the other end in herself. Karen was now riding two cocks, Linda Davis. Sarah laughed, "NO! It can't be that big."Jill just smiled and nodded saying, "Yep..."Sarah grabbed it, her hand couldn't even fit all the way around it. She started getting wet just holding it.Jill admitted, "When Mike is out of town that thing has been a life saver! Why don't you take it? You need it more than me. It is even dishwasher safe!"Sarah laughed and said, "Okay, I'll give it a try."After washing 'Mike' in the dishwasher, Sarah was ready to give it a try. It was still warm after she.

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