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This was made clear to me one night when, whilst we were on the sofa, I fell asleep and woke up to find her hand on my cock. I just stayed silent as h...r fingers traced the outline and stroked my knob. Obviously it started to grow and she stopped but it was clear from then that part of her thought of me as her loving son but another part thought of me as a sexy (well, I hope!) young man.Mom doesn’t seem to mind me bringing girls home and when I do take a girl to my room when she was there I make. She decided to wear a short dress, a sheer black thong with matching bra. It was too warm for any hose. She met the fat guy at the bar and they had a couple of drinks. The dress was quite tight and emphasized her curves, it was also so short that she showed a lot of leg. She noticed that he was admiring the view and knew that she would get lucky that night. Finally she invited him over to her room for a night cap.She told him to sit on the couch and bent over to retrieve the drinks from the bar. A rush of emotion pounded at Ana's chest and heated her cheeks."Good morning," Binta mouthed."Good morning," replied Ana. "Did you sleep well?" What little of the night I spent asleep, yes!" Binta remarked wickedly. "It was good wasn't it? Did you enjoy it? I did!" Yes, very much. Very much. Very much indeed." Oh, you're so sweet!" Binta cried pulling herself up, the silk sheets dropping into a heap on her lap. "You're so wonderful. Give me a kiss!"Ana shyly proffered her lips to Binta's and. An Italian man about 40 with a bit above average dick. It was so exciting to get screwed in the shrubs around the lake’s edge with the lights from the houses softly illumining the area. The second time I meant him in an interstate rest area. I park next to his van and then got in with him. Lord did we have that van rocking.He seemed trustworthy and so when he suggested we get a motel and could he bring a couple of friends, I agree. He assured me he would not let anything bad happen to.

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