Just the head to begin with; purple, rubbery and shiny with discharge. I clamp my lips around your shaft just behind your corona, gently grazing it wi...h my teeth. I run my tongue all over the glans lifting your precum off the surface. A deep sigh escapes you. I nuzzle at your helmet like a giant teat; wanting it to feed me. Putting your hands on the back of my head you forcefully pull me onto you. Your cock glides past my lips and fills my mouth. I gag as it touches the back of my throat. My. Then she asked me—if I wanted to fuck her or not?" I said."Do you?" Probably, but our bedrooms don't have locks on them, and our parents constantly come in unannounced. I couldn't risk it, John—I love her too much."We talked to each other a little longer, and we'd missed a whole class period talking about our sisters and what they mean to us. He also gave me an idea.I caught up with Christine and apologized for last night, telling her what I had just explained to John. She accepted my apology,. I then came over him, facing him and slowly directed my pussy over his dick and sat on it. I then started riding him. He caught my breasts and I was moving up and down vigorously and his dick was rubbing the walls of my vagina giving immense pleasure.Oba had by then closed his eyes and was moaning out loud even I did not hold on and started moaning. Whenever he was getting high, I slowed down the pace so that he could hold on for some time more. Oba then cupped my ass and suddenly pushed in one. It was obvious the woman had been raped, beaten and tortured. This had taken quite a lot of time. She had been stripped naked, put in the center of the bed, after a rope had been wrapped several times around her waist so tight it looked like she would have had trouble breathing. More rope was pulled through the rope at her waist and tied to each side of the bed frame. She could not move the way she was bound. More rope was wrapped around each of her wrists then pulled out to the side of the bed.

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