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Hum mut kar wapas aaye to wo mami se boli dekho bhai ne mere upar hi su-su kar diya. Main mami se bola ki lund mein bahut dard ho raha tha isliye wo h...l bhi raha tha to thoda iske kapdo par gir gaya. Mami dhara se boli abhi change karke so jao subah naha lena, tab dhara boli usko garmi lag rahi hai isliye wo bhi mami tarah kapde khol kar soyegi (kyoki mami ka blouse khula tha aur chuchiya dikh rahi thi aur saree bhi gaand tak upar uthi hui thi, to usne socha shayad unhone garmi ke mare aisa kar. I had won the assignment by right of previous experience and the fact I was caught loafing when I should have been working.Chrissie sat as far away from me as she could while I whistled and enjoyed the day, my feet up on the dash and a pipe in my mouth. The first thing she said to me, after perhaps an hour on the road, was, "Mus' you smoke that smelly ting?"I took the stem from my mouth, spat over the wheel, knocked out the thick dottle and put the warm pipe in my shirt pocket. "No," I said,. “Are you going to help me up?” I asked. Ali stammered something in his own language, then said, “sorry again,” as he reached down to take my outstretched hand. As I came level with his crotch, I stroked his bulge and said, “I think you are in need some relief.” Ali looked like a startled hare, so I said to him, not to worry, that Tom and I were very open-minded when it came to sex. I unzipped him and got the shock of my life as Ali’s circumcised cock sprung into view. . I knew that mom and dad had been sweethearts all through high school and got married right after graduation.’ I stopped talking a minute and looked around the room. Mom had tears in her eyes but she wasn’t moving. She just looked at me. Jeff reached over and put his arm around her shoulders and pulled her to him. I leaned down and kissed the top of John’s head then continued. ‘I was pulled out of my memories by mom’s voice. ‘But Thomas, don’t you love me anymore?’ Dad knelt down before her and.

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