“When Julian arrives this afternoon I will answer the door. I want to tease him a little before he has you, and before he has me.“Do you like the ...dea of another man pleasuring you while I watch?”“I do baby, very much. The exhibitionist in me likes the thought of flaunting my cock for another man and him being turned on by my cock.“Give me five minutes with him before you make an entrance.“I want you to make your entrance wearing just your suntan and your white crotch-less g-string. “And with. But no matter, she agreed, and that’s that. Oh, did I mention that I am going to whip her feet five minutes each?I position her next to her desk, so that she can stand on one leg, balance herself with one hand against the desk, and use the other to keep her other foot in the air. Then I grab Anna’s riding crop and set the time for five minutes. And then I lay into her. I mean, I’m not flaying her foot, there is no blood or anything, but I’m hitting her pretty hard, and pretty fast. One hit. " Ok," Tom nodded acquiescing. With only four girlie points he couldn'tafford to lose any. He'd never get an orgasm.They marched to the bathroom where Tom squirted shaving cream onto hishand and spread it over his legs while he shaved. Then a dollop went intoeach armpit and, after several swipes with the razor, his underarms weresmooth as any girl's."Wait," Jen exclaimed as Tom packed his razor away. "Not yet." Shesmiled. "Two more points if you shave our little friend." As she spokeshe. She looked at me and I gestured, "I have the pelt and head in the sled if you would like to see and verify."She nodded and followed me out. I opened the sled so she could see. She sighed, "Finally! Thank you Terry; that beast has terrorized us for three weeks."I nodded and closed up the sled, "It was a single, so you should not have another for a while."She patted my shoulder, "I will release the credits."I started pulling the sled, "Call, if you need me again."I went all the way to the back of.

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