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”“What then? It was fun and sexy, what else is there?” I countered.”You’ve never felt guilty about anything kinky we’ve talked about in be... before. What about times you blatantly teased me at Tesco’s checkout? Getting a cucumber or odd shaped bottle out the trolley and asking me if this one was ok for me! I knew full well what you intended to do with it later! I’m sure the cashiers twigged once or twice too, you were hardly very subtle about it, especially when we got a bloke on the. It’d seemed like a natural pairing. Of course, some people might have talked. Cousins didn’t date very often, even in rural Moss Point. But it wasn’t against the law and had once been common. Besides, everybody around here seemed related to everybody else.A closet romantic, Kelly had tried to help things along. But something happened and overnight, Sissy turned off on guys to the point of not even wanting to be around them. Even Jason was just barely tolerated. To this day, Kelly still wasn’t. Mike and an unknown chestnut haired girl were supporting her as they watched one of the hospital orderlies pushing Jason’s gurney though a set of double doors. From Kimmie’s description, Hawk knew this was Mike’s ‘growth, ‘ who was also known as Jan. “Any news?” Hawk asked, as he joined the three.Andy replied, “I was able to get the doctor from the airplane to let me see Jason’s x-rays. His leg is a mess, but it’s fixable. Unfortunately, he’s going to be in a great deal of pain for a while, and. While he’s gone I climb out of bed and visit his corner of the room. My hand touches something wet and I suddenly realise that he was not going for a pee after all.It excites me to think that he was listening to us copulating earlier; listening to the sounds of Sarah’s orgasm; to the sounds of female pleasure. It must be so different for men.ooOooThe following morning, we decide that we should leave this place and head higher into the mountains. We can just about see the top from where we are.

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