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Let's go on deck."They made the three deck trek from the spotless engine room to the 'sun deck' and then to the stern. Chief Sanchez pointed at a pair...of propellers that extended from the stern. The props were protected by a titanium cage. The rudders were hung on the cage."The transmissions turn Arneson outdrive semi-submersible props. If you need to get away and do it fast, Arneson is a name you can trust."Smaller, lighter, faster, more fuel efficient is always good when coupled with Rolls. She suggested we get changed out of our work uniforms and into our casuals. I said I’d give her five minutes and I’d get changed in the bathroom. She balked at this and told me to not be silly and get changed in my room with her. I then thought fuck it, no more need for politeness then. I took off my shirt and shoes and reached into my cupboard to grab the bottle of red I’d got in. I opened it and she laughed as I poured it into a glass each for us. She took a mouthful and swallowed licking her. Yuck!’They actually had some, so he put it on to heat. Ten minutes later, his girls were back. They were both naked, and Béla was panting heavily.“She can fly!” Béla gasped. “And she... teleported... halfway across the damned planet!” She took a moment to catch her breath.“Sweetie,” Béla said, now talking to Lisa. “You’ve got to be more careful. You can’t let people see that we’re different. They will hunt us down and they will kill us!”“But I wanted to show you,” Lisa insisted, a definite. That was the case this day. My colored shorts were wet and hadn’t dried from yesterday so I was wearing some white ones that I had found on line. They were a very light nylon fabric with a slit up the side all the way to the waist, trimmed in blue. Under them I had picked some bright yellow nylon string bikinis to wear. I should have worn white ones because, obviously, when the shorts got wet they were pretty see through. White panties under white shorts wouldn’t really show, people would just.

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