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.mai aab dheere dheere unki panty ki taraf badhne laga or mai unki naabhi tak pahucha or use chatne laga,or phir maine apne hath uski panty ki taraf b...dhaye toh usne mujhe rok diya or boli abhi kuch mat karna kyuki mera beta abhi abhi soya hai or chilane ki aawaz se wo jaag jayega…mere lund ko dekh kar wo samjh gayi thi mai uski phad daluga maine kaha ki mai aaram se karuga wo boli mai tumhe khud bata dugi jab mujhe karwana hoga aakir mai bhi toh ek bade lund se chudwane ke liye mari jaa rahi. As he slipped his thumbs in the waistband of his sweatpants, Laura stopped him. "Wait! I want to do it." She moved to the edge of the bed and Sam stood between her spread knees, the tent in his pants pointing right between her big boobs. Laura grinned up at him, then hooked her fingers in his pants and slowly lowered them down his legs. The elastic pulled his dick down and Laura laughed out loud as it sprang up to smack his stomach as it was released from its captivity.Laura dropped Sam's pants. Just as soon as I got on the plane for the two plus hour flight home, I popped another pill and went to sleep."I had no idea why I needed an ambulance from the airport to the hospital, since I had taken a cab to the pizza restaurant, but I got on the gurney and let them take me to the hospital. I didn't really mind. I was pretty out of it. I checked in through the emergency room, but I didn't see a doctor there. I was sent straight to a room.After getting me into one of their half assed gowns,. .. I noticed an old wicker hamper... on top of the hamper was a previously used pair of panties from my sister-in-law. It was in fact two pairs of panties... one being a pair of white nylon panties that was just like the ones that she was currently wearing... and one pair of black and leopard skin panties. I did take some time to appreciate the aroma that she had left in the panties... and I was concentrating on that aroma... while masturbating with her white panties... and sitting on the.

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