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Since I was the age of eight, I have had one dream; to come toNew York City and see a professional game. I didn't care if it wasfootball, baseball, I just wanted to see theprofessionals play."I was Jennifer when I was informed that we were coming to New York Cityto see you. You know what was the first word out of my mouth was? Itwasn't football, baseball or even basketball. It was shopping. Like anynormal teenage girl would say."She then asked, "I have tickets to the. "Did that happen when you kissed passionately?" No." It was little more than a whisper and her eyes never left his."Um ... do you think it's possible to-to ... um ... f-fall in love in just f-four weeks?" Yes." He only just heard her.There was another, shorter silence while they stared at each other."I-I love you, Eleanor."She moved swiftly to kneel at his right side and reached for his face with both hands."I love you too, Reg."His right hand reached for her head. "Oh God!" he whispered. "Oh. After some days Mahesh called me and talked about his wife he told Radha was interested in me and wanted to try some new thing with me and I was on cloud nine hearing that but he didn’t tell me what they are planning.Mahesh asked me to come to his house one weekend and I went to his home and Mahesh opened the door but I couldn’t find Radha in there. He gave me coffee and I asked about Radha he said Radha was waiting in her room.Mahesh told me to wait for 10 minutes and went into a room. he then. . I started to massage his dick slowly while running my hand on his stomach saying dirty nothings like”Master oyu are so strong, now you are gonna rip me….ommm I am getting wet now” I was also running a hand on my breasts slowly.Rohit replaced my hand with his and started ton knead my brasts with both hands.I pushed my breasts forward till his hands were cupping my breasts like a second skin.Rohit unhooked it and I let it fall around my stomach.My breasts are quite firm so thatn I dont have to.

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