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I reached down and started rubbing it through my jeans. A few minutes went by and I couldn't take it anymore. I got up and went to find her. I walked ...o the ladder where I had seen her last, but to my dismay, she was gone. My erection wasn't, so I kept looking. She was no where to be seen, but there was one last place to look. Back in the corner near the copy machines. As I turned the corner to walk towards them, I spotted her. She had her back to me and was leaning against the shelves. She. Even blind men wish for light to shine yet before their lives are ended. These folk just tread on, and never give things a second thought. He wouldn't spare them more than a passing thought.His road was about to take him through the Widelands, an unforgiving place. Few had made the passing, and even fewer were left sane and unscathed in body, soul and mind once they did. There were stories and legends about the Widelands that were passed down from generation to generation, in many places and in. At any rate, she didn’t think she had any other choice than to follow the officer’s instructions. She turned around and bent forward, placing her hands on the roof of the car. “Now just stay exactly like that, Miss. I’m going back to my car to do a check on your license plate, and I don’t want to see you move.” He walked back to his car, opened the door, and half-sat inside, he said a couple words to the other officer and she thought she may have heard one of them chuckle. The trooper picked. He motioned me to lie next to him and he stoked my hard cock until despite myself I shot my seed on my hard flat stomach.The captain lay behind me with his cock nestled at my cheeks. He whispered, "I wish you were not worth so much money, as I would fuck your hard virgin arse for hours."I fell asleep dreaming of cocks being thrust at my face and men using me as a toy. For the next 10 days and nights my time was spent was sucking or stroking the captain to orgasm and eating his seed or sucking.

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