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JR shook her head, sighed. "Jennifer, Tom is a good boy; but if you do what you just did to him again anytime soon... no one's that good."Jenny me again, smiled. "I'm sorry, Tom." Twice more," I said with a laugh. "You could probably do that twice more." I paused for dramatic effect, "I really am good."Next thing I knew, I was being pummeled by pillows. Mom poked her head in the room a few minutes later to calm the commotion and get us moving towards getting ready for school.School is. " They walked into the mine entrance, past the Keep Out and Danger signs. "Is it safe in here?" "Yeah, it's safe. C'mon, we don't have to go in very far." He helped her along, guided by the flashlight he had brought from the truck.They walked down the main shaft a few dozen yards then took a left hand turn into a second smaller shaft. There at the end, a few more yards in was a small chamber. In the chamber, Becky saw a mattress covers and a pillow all covered with a tarp. She saw a few. Then my fingers found her clit and stroked it as I found her already open cunt lips; I slipped the finger in to her cunt. Her eyes shot wide open and Karen smiled at her, saying "He has a way with women, don't you think?"Carol could only nod.I then withdrew my finger and held it up to Karen who immediately licked it clean whilst never losing eye contact with Carol."Make sure that all concerned are present; when we come over on Friday night!" I instructed Carol.She replied "Yes Master, I will do. We then donned survival suits and headedtoward the base, cutting an entrance into the side with our repulsorpistols. As it turned out, we found the bodies of the aliens lying onthe deck - they were humanoid with purple skin and hair.Opening a comm channel to the ship, I said, "Captain, the aliens whobuilt this base are the Arclave!" Contact Sanduy, the only surviving Arclave, and notify her of what we'vefound here later on. She'll want to come here and pay tribute to thesefallen men and.

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