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I had already more or less shared the whole layout of evidence with Jenny.Without proof of some kind odds were it would just be a theory never proven,...which was fine except our story would be better if we came up with the killer. I had absolutely no confidence in Jenny and me being able to trick Eve into telling us about the killing. I had no expectations of forensic evidence in this case. Eve knew things were damaging, and she had plenty of time to re-stage the crime scene to benefit her.. I told her yes, my eyes never leaving her body. She told me that she had a great time so far and that she wanted to show her appreciation for me being a gentleman. She told me that she hadn’t felt sexy or been out with anyone since her husband left and I made her feel special tonight as she stated removing my shirt. She also told me that Amber was very busy and she didn’t have time for dating, much less the opportunity for intimacy asking if I’d mind spending time with her also as she removed. "Stunning, Monique," you say, "That suit really shows off your tits." Why thank you, Jenny, no one has ever told me that before."You are wearing a two-piece bikini, and I notice you have not taken the effort to tuck. "I love your bulge," I say, admiring the front of your bottoms."Why thank you, Monique," you respond. We grab a blanket and as we cross the boardwalk over the dunes, my eyes are glued to your ass, wiggling seductively in front of me.We step onto the cool sand and I am pleased to. Her skin was covered in short fine brown hair with gold strips. Her face looked like that of a cat as did her ears. her tail was long and all gold. Her eyes where the thing that caught my attention the most. They where gold cats eyes that glowed brightly.I turned toward the center of the pentagram and looked at the bone chalice. I started to ask my self if I was sure this is what I wanted to do, but before i could answer my self the voice spoke again. "Enter Now!!" This time it was more.

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