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"It's incredibly tight across the shoulder blades," I complained."Excellent," Toni said, "that's just how it's meant to be. Squeezingyour shoulders as...small as possible."She smiled, rather maliciously, I thought. "Now, I really enjoy thisnext bit - stuffing blokes goolies away."She did, too. She made me lie on my back on a leather couch and rest mylegs on two stirrups - the kind they use for women's internalexaminations. I was terrified, but she was actually quite gentle, and injust a few. How he asked, I said when he rubbed there my dick started getting hard and it felt tight. Well, he said, let's him check the measurements again. He went to get his tape,coming back he said to take everything off so he could make sure his measurements were the same as before. I pulled the shirt and pants off. He checked my arms and chest, then my waist. He said to take off my underwear and stand straight up with my legs apart. He ran the tape down the outside of my legs, then up the inside of. Stacee had never seen a black mans cock and she stood in the door of cubicle starring at it’s massive length and girth. It had to be at least 12 inches long, and about 1.5 inches thick! After a few minutes of watching Jerome, she moved on. Chan an Asian man was watching a naked Asian woman lick a door knob. She softly giggled, and moved on. Fred was an Italian guy that was watching a shemale fuck a young woman. Bob was watching a large breasted woman get fucked by a large black and white. The paperwork was all signed and handed to John by another member of staff so he was ready to roll.Stacey then appeared looking amazing. She had on the smallest, tightest pair of white shorts with her G-string clearly visible through the flimsy material, a pair of high strappy sandals, and a halter neck top with no bra. The top struggled to contain her massive tits. John could not take his eyes of her amazing, perfect legs or her wonderful cleavage, and he nearly had an immediate erection.John.

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