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It quickly popped out, but two rotations later the Sue was keeping more of it inside the young woman.Sammy let out her first audible cry as the tip of...the rod brushed her hymen. Sue was caught off guard from the silence being broken, but as she continued working on Sammy, Sue felt something building in her womanhood. It was as if all the pain she was inflicting on Sammy was translating to pleasure in her. She could feel every nerve in her ass and pussy and wanted more than anything to jam the. Guys she is really beautiful and has bigger boobs and curved ass. Now she was in petticoat and blows. I went close and started kissing her on lips, soon she began to support, I opened the knot of her petticoat and she herself took off her blows and bra.Now we both were in just underwear. My dick gave a tent shape to my underwear and she was looking at it. My dick is not of 10 or 12 inches like other writers who write stories here, it’s 7 inch long and sufficiently thick that it made that girl. By the second drink she was next to me on her barstool. After several more, she became quite animated and was very much enjoying herself. We spied Matt and a lady on the far side of the pool and decided to join them. We sat next to them and soon began chatting with Matt and his wife Eileen. Eileen was older in appearance but was a very lovely lady. She was slim, fit and tan. After an hour of drinks and conversation, we excused ourselves to go to the room for a nap. We made it to the room just. ”My mind was whirling and I was beginning to feel very, very frightened now.“Let’s have a better look.”A hand reached out grasped my blouse and ripped it from my body, as I opened my mouth to scream, a hot dirty hand clamped over it. At the same time an arm went around my waist pinning me, then another hand reached out and ripped my bra off, scratching me in the process and baring my breasts for the leering louts to see.As I struggled to free myself, someone must have hit me, as the next thing.

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