She asked to complete the program but I came out.Reached my room and opened the Whatsapp. Bhabhi had already sent the images which she had taken on th... name on selfie day. Below she had written This is Madan. I replied in chat Box “Arey wah he is nice and fit” (Self-praise! LOL). She was offline that time. After 5 minutes she pinged meBhabhi: Yes he isMe: so any development?Bhabhi: Ha dear. I just did what you said. I think he was enjoying it. He was seeing me like he will eat meMe: That’s. Maybe there is something else I can have you do." I sat there very pissed off. I had worked all morning and this woman didn't appreciate squat! I began to doubt if she was even willing to help me. I had been wasting my time and this woman thought it was a joke. I sat there aggravated, bored, and annoyed looking straight down at the floor determined not to say another word to her today. I had not realized that she was standing in front of me with a smirk on her face. I first noticed her feet,. It was as small and dainty as she was. I walked over to look at it still chuckling to myself. It was a baby blue colored Ford Festiva. It looked like it had just come off the showroom floor; it was so clean and shiny. When I looked inside, I broke out laughing at the decorations. She had fuzzy dice hanging from the mirror and the seat covers made me laugh even harder. They were both were big pictures of a nurse in white with a big needle in her hand with the caption saying; "Nurses have bigger. I though of the nights I was with those women natives and how good they treated my dick. I could feel a strong climax building and I started thinking of those gals sucking and fucking my dick. I spurted all over my stomach and chest. It felt so good. I laid there a few seconds and returned back to the real world. I took my hands and started to scoop up my cum from my chest to clean myself up. As I did so, my hands started tingling. I could feel them returning back to normal. It was.

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