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Oliver was clinical -- and he didn't limit himself to Vera's ass. He took his time and picked his targets, but didn't telegraph or tease Vera. Once he...committed to a strike, he followed through. He circled her, doing her breasts, her back, her belly, her thighs, as well as her ass. On two occasions, he actually struck up, between her legs, at her vulva -- something that brought protests from several of the other females present. I handled Beth with a quirt -- a small braided whip I'd picked up. It was a matter of principle with them that provided a march did not get physically violent, and provided they were not advocating violence or other illegal activities, then marches and protests were generally allowed to proceed. Marches that were campaigning to change the law and allow something that was currently illegal - cannabis for example - were also allowed to proceed: they were not advocating doing something illegal; they were trying to change the law.To the police officers on the. ” Marie smiled as she kissed Karen again.Karen looked back at me and then to Marie. “You two are fucking nuts!” she laughed. Marie kissed her again.I sat on the edge of the bed and watched the kiss grow into full blown making out. They kissed passionately and deeply. The sheets were hanging off the edge of the bed. Marie slipped her hand between Karen’s thighs and Karen eagerly accepted. Marie moved her head down to Karen’s neck. Karen leaned her head back and moaned softly as Marie. We were getting hot, the sun, so we all put on some suntan lotion again. I did my daughter and she did me and they did each other. We watched as she lathered him, especially as she lathered his penis. She took her time on it and his balls. My daughter and I just smiled and enjoyed the sight. He spend most of his time lathering her fabulous breasts and then her ass. Then we all laid down and talked about our lives. When we turned over, yes, he was still hard. It was sticking straight up with its.

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