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” She returned her face to her arms and waited for the spanking to begin.“You will be, Zofeya Caldwell. Fiona is going to make sure that this a reminder to you for at least a few days to come.” The Law Professor raised her voice.She smiled as she saw the younger woman’s bottom rise slightly as she pushed even further into her tutor’s lap. Fiona Stevens was an experienced spanker and she placed her left arm around the dark-haired girl’s waist, gripping her tightly and pulling her into. " No you haven't." I haven't?"I nodded. "Nope, too nice." Damn," she said in mock frustration. "Aren't you turned on by the idea of a cat-fight?" Not even a little. I'm weird. I also don't see the appeal of two girls wrestling in mud." You're not weird, you're evolved." Unless it's with me," I added."I withdraw my comment."I grinned, and we sat there, looking out the big picture windows at the gently falling snow. I rubbed the ass of her jeans with one hand and traced designs on her thigh with. Phir unhone wo chaddar ek plastic ki bag me daal di. Meri chut ka dard aur bhi badh gaya jab unhone usko chaddar se saaf kiya tha. Main badi mushkil se khadi hui par main bilkul bhi chal nahi paayi. Meri chut se khoon aur unka lund ras abhi bhi nikal raha tha aur main bathroom jaakar meri chut ko saaf karna chahti thi. Chacha mushkaraye aur unhone mujhe apne haathon me ek bachche ki tarah utha liya aur bathroom ki taraf badhe. Unhone mujhe bath tub ke andar khada kiya aur bole ” Main tumhari. It was still daylight when we got back to the flat at about ten - after all, it was the day after Midsummers Day and the Summer Solstice. Depending on which calendar you looked at for sunrise and sunset times, it was either the longest day of the year or the second longest.Despite this, Sheila told us that it was well past bedtime. Her mischievous grin showed us that something was up."We've got a new position to show you!" I thought we'd done pretty much everything in 'The Joy of Sex'?" As far.

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