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After we had all finished our dinner we went inside to the pool room and I mixed a few drinks at the bar and set up the table for a game of pool, at f...rst it was just Tony and I playing then the girls wanted to play doubles. Once again I was busted by Linda staring at Yves great ass as she was taking a shot over the table, after that game the girls went into our room for a few second. We thought nothing about it and set the table up for another game. As they came back into the room they both. In the dim glow of a nightlite, I could see Carol impaled on Jakes cock. She was moving up and down and a look of pure lust on her face. She was groaning and mumbling. Jake was pushing up deep into Carol's cunt. They were a perfect picture of lust. I lay there still confused as to whether this was a dream or they were fucking beside me.I was in that nether world between sleep and awake. My mind was reeling with what we had done and what was going on in the bed beside me. Carol seemed lost. For 3 hours I fucked her, toyed her, had her rim me and I fucked her mouth, pussy and asshole. She has a tight ass hole. I sent her home to her preacher husband John full of my cum with orders to have John clean my cum from her pussy and ass. Pam left to go home about 9 PM and her daughter Jaimie (who is the mommy of my baby and lives with the wife and I) got home, put the k**s to bed and I had Jaimie come into my marital bed. Sexy Jaimie cleaned my cock and balls, tasting her own mother as. Sandra wanted to enjoy this new found time and I agreed. We started going out more than we had since we were single. We went out to dinner at least twice a week and the movies every weekend. I had no problem with this. What I was not ready for was Sandra's renewed sex drive.One night we came home from the movies and settled in front of the TV. Sandra started playing with my hair and giving me kisses. It felt real good. We held hands and each other, making out like we have not done in years. She.

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