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Why was life so unfair!? That was almost 20% of my potential annual income, and I hated the prospect!On top of all that, my whole business world came ...rashing down one day in late August when Mom was cleaning my room. She was dusting my bookshelves when she had a accident and knocked a book onto the floor. She was startled when money came gushing from the pages of the book. Yes, I was still storing my money among the pages of my books because I had never been able to think of a better place to. Pehle to mane dhyaan ni diya par jab bhi mai unki tarf dekhti wo ajib si smile mujhe dete. Sikhate to wo sabko the par jab mere paas aate to meri kamar me haath daal kar meri ankon me dekhte rehte. Unka haath meri kamar to chuta to current sa lagta. Mai kahin na kahin unki taraf attract ho rahi thi. Ek din unhone ek paper diya or sab ko us par apna naam or phon no. likhne ko kahan or meri taraf dekh kar halki si smile di.mai samajh gyi ki wo bahane se mera no. lena chate the.Raat ko unka phon. I looked down at the envelope. I peeked inside. I could see... maybe a landscape... the tops of a couple of heads... but nothing more.There were people about, so I put the envelope safely away in my bag and made sure I finished work on time that day. On the train home, I wondered what could possibly be in these mystery pictures. “Probably nothing much,” I thought. “Probably just a couple of topless or nudie sunbathing shots”.The house I was sharing was empty when I got home. I made some. Looking up I could see her finger tracing lightly across his bung and then she put it in his ass. Again he moaned loudly with pleasure. We continued on in this manner for a while until he spoke up and said “How about we do what you know I always like”? We all knew what he meant. And she’d be quick to admit that it’s a favorite of hers too. He wanted her bareback. She laid back on the bed and lifted her legs up hands beneath her knees, feet alongside her head. He pressed his bulbous engorged.

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