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She was standing there with her hands on her hips, just staring at me. I was still in shock. She walked towards me as I could only stand there unable ...o move as if she had some kind of power over me. When she got to me she put her arms around my shoulders and kissed me. She started soft and wet then progressed to hard and animalistic. She began kissing my neck, feeling her hot breath on my skin made me shutter. Then she started moving downward, unbuttoning my shirt as she went and then she. "hurry up and close the door you're letting a draft in." one thing i do know is that men love to be seduced. we always feel like we have to do something extra special to get women to sleep with us so it's nice when the woman takes the initiative. not only did jackie take the initiative, she was firmly in the driver's seat. the only light was from the dozen or so candles she had lit, and her apartment had the subtle scent of jasmine. once again, i had stumbled into a woman who was determined to. “Did anybody kiss it and make it better?” asked the girl, in her innocence.“Yeah,” he said, thinking of the nurses, and Erica. “They did.”She invited him to have coffee at her house. She didn’t mind all the extra effort it took to get him in there. He hopped up the steps while Jillian watched, and then she attempted to do the same thing ... on two feet instead of one. It was the first time he’d felt more or less normal for as long as he could remember.He’d told her Erica might be wondering. Suddenly, the gun goes off. “BANG...BANG!!!”“NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!” I wake up drenched in sweat. I try to catch my breath and regain my composure. “What is baby?!” Violet wakes up startled, after my tossing-and-turning and screams. “I keep seeing him...it’s the same nightmare all over! I can’t fucking sleep!!”Violet grabs me and embraces me, while caressing my head. She begins to shush me while comforting me telling me it’s ok.“Shhhh...it’s ok. It’s just a flashback baby. You need to let it.

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