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Your dad said you’d be waiting out here,” Pam said as she shook my hand. Pam was hot for being 49. She had nice C-cup breasts. She looked like she...could be a fashion model. She was that hot honestly. “Well, are you ready Jack?” Pam asked. “Yes. I’m… ready,” I replied. I was just beyond nervous. She was beyond beautiful and she was going to teach me a few things about driving? Well I couldn’t help but be nervous. So we both got into my car. She saw that I was more than a little nervous. I think. I sat back down, fascinated with the idea of Uncle Ray’s huge cock. “How big was it?” I asked? “Big,” Dad said, “Ray was probably the same size I am now, when he was 14, just not as thick.” Dad started unconsciously rubbing his cock through his pajama bottoms, so I did the same. “It grew to be about 7in flaccid and who knows what, when it was hard.” I looked down at my own cock and sighed “Jesus.” Dad chuckled. “You said it Champ. Actually now that I think about it you’ve seen it in the. She turned around on top of him and sat on her haunches, her hands on his chest, he took hold of himself and rubbed it on her lips, mixing her juices with his so it’d be as easy an entrance as possible. ‘Ready?’ He stayed waiting for her to say something, hell even just nod, but she only looked down at his stomach, he sighed and held it straight up as he pushed her hips downwards, hoping she’d take control of this. His tired hands didn’t have to work for much longer, as he felt her hips begin. I torture her with it, smothering her, permitting her a few seconds of breath, then back down into the sludge she goes! My pole twitches and leaks with newly-pubescent cravings as she comes up for air and squeals and begs and pleads through shitty lips and shitty tongue before her frantic words are turned to gurglings as she is given another shitty facial. Nobody is calling Jonny a smelly little loser-boy now! Who stinks now? Not Jonny! Shelly stinks now! I whisper mocking chants into her ear.

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