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" Oh my God, those two are really serious," I said."Serious enough that they've been talking trash and making dares, and they have agreed to a special...raffle and an auction. The raffle winner and the high bidder will both have the option to either get a blow job or full sex from the loser, one hour after the finals end. More than that," Brandy continued, "rumor has it some of the other officers from the next two years plan to settle scores the night of the finals." How on earth do you know all. Her feet were apart, and Marla could see the reflection of her daughter’s sweet cunt and ass, too.“Do you like it, Sally?”“Oh, Mother, it’s a wonderful idea,” Sally said. “Just wait until Bob sees it.”“Sees what?” Bob came in, rubbing his eyes.“The floor, Bob,” Sally said, pointing. “Look what Mother has done to the floor.”Bob saw the mirrors and then his sister’s reflection. He grinned. “Hey, I like this, Mom! I can see Sally’s cunt!”Marla stepped into the bathroom. “See anything else!”Bob. I am learning and your verbal queues not only guide me but make me even harder.Then there are your legs. Light strokes up and down the back of your thighs and calves, behind your knees, between your toes, over the sensitive skin of the arch of your foot. Your legs will quiver when I'm through, and hopefully, a few other parts too. You are starting to grind your mound into the bed… rubbing… teasing yourself. I love watching you enjoy yourself.Next, I move over to your arms, slowly tracing your. You pull me in and push me back against the door. I can’t help but gasp at the action and look at your face, you give me a small shy smile and look down slightly trying to avoid eye contact. I push a strand of hair away from your face, lifting your chin up so you’re looking me in the eyes again. I look at your lips as I wet mine and slowly lean in towards you. Your confidence boost seems to have disappeared as you back away from me. Your back is pressed up against the wall, I lean in further.

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