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I will be helping her and can only help Clarisse when my otherfriend doesn't need me. So, she could really use your help if you couldmake it back her.... Plus, Clarisse seems to be despondent. She could use afriend." I hoped Ken could come back. It would make it easier forClarisse, and for Lily and me.I knew it was 14 hours earlier in Reno and Reno was about an hour behindthe Midwest where Clarisse came from. It was now 2 PM here, so I guessedit was about 11 PM where Clarisse's friend Ken. I could feel another orgasm rising and when Sandra leant forward and gave my clitty a rub I nearly bucked the two of them off the stage. God it was intense. I had never had such an almighty powerful orgasm. My pussy was slippery with cunt juice as I felt Tim's cock become tighter due to my contractions. Sandra hopped off and moved down to the stage front. I couldn't see properly but when I felt Tim's cock withdraw from my pussy I guessed what was going to happen next. I sat up slightly to. Took You long enough. she said her short red hair gleamed in the sun. She always came off as kind of annoying. She didnt mean to it was just her. Grabbing my hand she quickly pulled me up the stairs to her and Steves small 1 beedroom apartment. Opening the door I saw Steven sitting on the couch drinking a beer. He was a kind of short man. Only about 56 He had blonde hair that was almost buzzed off and glasses. Chica in case you forgot I have met Steve a time or two. I said sarcasticly. Mandy. Uuunnmmm ... oh!" Janie's brain cleared and she went back to pleasing her father. From the way his cock was throbbing, she gathered that she was using her mouth the way he liked.Gripping his prick firmly between her lips, she fastened them just behind the knob. Her tongue lashed the mushroom-shaped head again and again, making him squirm. His cock was rock hard, standing straight up. It was thick and engorged with blood, hot and throbbing. Sucking gently, she slid her wet lips down the length.

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