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Sarina decided that she would have a little revenge on me and so she tookmy crossdressing habits to a new level. She said "in for a penny in for apoun...". I honestly thought that after a few days things would go back tonormal. I would enjoy being 'dominated" and told what to do like a "goodsissy". But it got way overboard and I let myself get in too deep.I'm sitting here on this bar stool with shaved legs covered in nudepantyhose, 3 inch black pumps with a little peek-a boo toe, Pink. Sure, I had put on some weight. What married woman doesn’t? It’s not like he hadn’t. I didn’t know what was going on. I made dinner for him. I told him how much I appreciated him. I complimented him on his nice suits he picked out for the office. But his once slow lingering kisses had now become second thought pecks as he raced out the door. He never told me I was beautiful anymore. Dr. P listened intently and was so genuinely empathetic. He also prescribed a mild anti-depressant. I was. Dave groaned. ‘Kayla, you’ve been doing that to me for weeks. I’ve practically had a constant hard on since you got to the bar last night.’ ‘Really?’ she asked in disbelief. ‘No, I’ve been thinking of Thompson. He’s the one who’d got me all hot,’ he told her, his response dripping in sarcasm. She smiled, but was a bit perplexed. She didn’t think she possessed the feminine wiles to get any guy hot. Just then, Dave pushed her hair back, and began kissing the back of her neck, running up towards. Mrs. Smith lifted her butt and slipped her panties off for me. I went right down to taste her pussy and I liked it, it was strong, and it tasted great.Mrs. Smith looked at Kendra and asked, “Do you want a taste of that too?”Kendra smiled and took my place between Mrs. Smith’s legs. We took turns sucking her breasts, licking her pussy, and kissing her face. Kendra was having just as much fun as I was.Mrs. Smith asked, “Do you let your brother fuck you?”Kendra blushed and said, “Not yet. I let.

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