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That response always gave me hope. Besides, she had never really disagreed whenever I wanted her to wear revealing clothes. Second, and more important... was an element of greed in her. She is the sort of woman who loves making money. Although I earn enough for us to lead a comfortable life she still wants more and always complains that her job doesn’t pay enough. The amount Ejaz mentioned was almost twice her salary as a school teacher. To cut it short, I raised the subject very casually over. "We'll talk about that after we make love," she said."We should talk about it before we make love," he insisted.She snapped. She tugged at the straps of her new swim suit, and bared both breasts, in broad daylight."You see these nipples?" she rasped. "They're stiff for you. I'm as wet as if I were still in that hot tub. If you don't promise to make love to me I'm going to strip, right here, and masturbate in front of all these people and I'm going to tell them all it's YOUR FAULT!" She ended. I felt like a bride dressed as a clown, walking down the aisle. Great! When I finally reach him he, clearly too excited to realize I’m injured, scoops me up into a bruising bear hug. He sweeps me right off my feet, leaving my defenseless and unable to fend off his ‘attack’. I let out a gasp of pain, this certainly doesn’t help with my gut wound. Now I normally never show this kind of weakness, gasping or showing I’m in pain that is, but Derek Helstga is a tough guy. I bet not one part of his. He made me feel special. Liam changed things over the course of the last year. He altered my view of him, making me think that maybe with the right woman, someone he could really love, I could see him tamed. And now I am lost. A bumbling idiot around him. Of course I couldn’t say anything to him because I am potentially ruining everything. I am the one who is changing everything. I am sure Liam’s emotional support for me is no different than what he would do for Maddie. What if he feels awkward.

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