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The religious will assert my blatant disregard of the marriage vows I made to my first wife Miriam set me on the path to perdition. Both acts could we...l have been the beginning of my desolation, for I wilfully continued breaking the commandments relating to killing and adultery, and paid scant heed to the other eight. That being said I don't consider myself a bad person; I have certain standards and try to maintain them. I reasoned killing people was part of my trade — it went with the job, and. "I never lied to you!" Yes, you did! You were never separated from your wife. You cheated on her with me."I could not make out his response but Lillian's voice certainly carried."Elaine told me of the dinner at your house. Darling here, darling there. Not a bad word between you. You lied, Theo! Damn, why did I have to be so stupid? One last time to part in friendship, wasn't it? Where the fuck did you get that condom? Was in in your fucking wallet since high school?"Only murmur from his. And I had always longed to visit Russia and the Scandinavian countries. I had just retired, after ending a 30 year marriage and it seemed like a good time to get away for awhile. My travel agent strives to save money and I had landed in a Swedish town I could not pronounce. I had eaten a lavish meal of meat I could not identify, potatoes, carrots and a green that tasted like spinach. The Vodka was potent, and had me on the way to stuporville. I asked the waiter were a stranger could spend the. "After last night, you'll know what to expect Emma," he said to me when he closed the door to the room and we were alone. Despite knowing him to be quite a gentle person, I was a little nervous of being isolated from the others but I tried not to show it. His prick was only half-hard when he removed his breeches but even so it seemed so much bigger and fatter than Stephan's and I wondered how much it would hurt when he put in inside me. He must have read my mind for he went on, "Don't worry.

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