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He pretended like it was to watch over me, but I knew what he was thinking. When James didn't say anything and left with Carl I felt a little bad, but...then I saw Paul looking at me. As soon as James and Carl were out of sight he made his move.When he came up out of the water, I swear he brought half of the lake with him. I shrieked and he laughed. Plopping down beside me he fixed his gaze on me, "Don't worry Little Girl, you're waterproof."I looked back at him, conscious again of my nakedness. Now I am looking for other things I can ‘use’. The closest are some glasses some ladies leave – and, of course, some make up. When I get the chance, I’ll update you all…An update:Well, as I had hoped, I had another opportunity to spray cum over those heels - but with an added twist.One Sunday, again in the office and the urge reappeared. There was no one and I had my memory stick with my porno on. Great. So I turned down the sound, just in case, and went to get those heels....but she had. Anyway I love the fact that I can wrestle guys and have them touch me in ways outside of the sport that might seem risky and being able to grab an occasional cock by accident always turns me on. The other part of being in a sport is the locker rooms, especially the showers. Watching all those naked bodies and their half erect cocks bouncing around makes me want to get down on my knees and suck them all. I have almost been busted a time or two from the staring, this is getting dangerous for me. This was too good to pass up. Since she seemed out for the count, I wasted no time pulling her clothes off and putting them away somewhere. Once she was naked I carried her to the bedroom and began tying her hands and feet to the bed. I couldn’t tie her legs as widely spread as I wanted, but I wasn’t going to fuck her passed out, and until she woke up, I needed to sleep. I did shove two pillows under her ass so she would be at maximum readiness when she did wake up. Then I fell asleep beside.

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