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My wife walked out in a pair of skin tight jeans and a vest top that showed off her great tits. I told her how awesome she looked and asked if she jus... wanted to skip dinner, get in the tent and fuck but she was having non of it so off we went. We got back to the campsite around 10pm and climbed in to the tent, there were plenty of people still wandering around but I was horny from watching her peel her clothes off so as soon as we got in to the sleeping bag I started to do the things I knew. She had realized just how hungry she is for me until my hands slid up the back of her skirt, feeling her bare skin. She feel my fingers scrape against her skin, my thumbs digging into waist before I drag them slowly down her hips, over the firm cheeks of her ass and down her thighs. I pull away from the marking of her skin just long enough to close the door, my hand rubbing her pussy, then bringing my hand up for a deep inhale of her nectar. A groan rumbled in my chest that sounded comparable. And in few days i used to peep inside their room and watched them doing sex. in that bhabhi was so amazing and she enjoyed sex very much but my brother was not that interested. after some days i used to watch her bathing in bathroom one day she caught me watching her taking bath. she asked me abt that and i made some wrong story and she agreed. one day bhaiye was so late that bahbhi was waiting outside her room all other members were slept and it was 1 pm in night i asked bhabhi what are u. I had had enough of supporting her. She never held up her end of the bargain to help pay the bills or do some of the work around the house. I was determined to find a reason to get rid of her. Early one Saturday afternoon, after Michelle had went to work and Ronald went bowling, I decided to search Michelle’s room for cocaine. I told her if I ever found any she would be kicked out the house. I opened the door to Michelle’s room and to my surprise, found it clean and well organized. Something.

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