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” They looked at each other hoping to get out of this but I flicked the strap across Alison’s thigh and she brought her legs up and with her feet ...n the table edge, spread her thighs apart. Sally did the same, followed by Jen. My cock was hurting inside my trousers. In front of me I had three naked, attractive women with their glistening slits, open and pink, just waiting to be spanked. “The last time you punished me between you all you spanked my penis more than 20 times.” I watched their. My cock straining, eager to erupt inside her. I thrust over and over, amazed at the tightness of her pussy. I pull out, not wanting to cum like this, wanting to be able to kiss her as we cum together. As I pull out I hear her groan, "No, please, cum in me."I roll only my back pulling her on top of me. I feel her hips rock on me, her pussy practically sucking my cock inside. I moan again, the silken walls of her cunt grasping me, squeezing me, and practically pleading with me to fill them with. The front of her body collapsed onto hershoulders, and she whined "Oh Fuck!" It may have been the first time Ihad ever heard her curse, she certainly didn't do it very often. So itwas a real treat to hear her doing it now. I couldn't resist seeing howmuch I could make her squirt and cuss, so I kept thrusting even harder.She started saying "Oh fuck, Fuck me, fuck me!" over and over again."Do you like anal sex?" She asked me, as she caught ber breath. "Yes,"I responded. "I do too, I'd love to. "It was a heart stopping scene that I saw as I opened my eyes. Reflectedin a full length mirror opposite was the back and head of a girl on herknees kissing the cock of a guy who was leaning naked up against a wall.For one insane micro second I thought I was watching a porn film. It waswith a little shock that I realised that it was Alex and I. She turnedround to look straight at me in the mirror and almost in slow motion shereached up with one hand and put her fingers to my lips and I sucked.

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