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.." I didn't get to finish my sentence before he said "Gavin of course I know Gavin. He's a regular in here. In fact that's where I have seen you befo...e!! Gavin showed me a photo of you!" "He did..? Well how did that come about?" "Well he used to sit at the bar and toss back a couple, flirt with some girls, you know. But within the last year he has slowly nursed his drinks and been consumed by his phone. I asked him why one day and he showed me your photo. Said you were the most amazing girl he. He squeezed delicately and she closed her eyes again. She looked like a sleeping angel. Her breathing slowed and she relaxed. He bent over and gently kissed her thumb. She jumped and opened her pretty eyes really wide. Her first kiss! And… it was so wonderful. Only people who loved each other kissed. Did he love her? She hoped so!He moved from her thumb to each of her other four fingers and kissed each one. Her other hand was lying in her lap and she was clenching and unclenching it. " was her replied. I sit there stunned into silence. Finally I mustered a wow. She told me it worked for her, she was in her late 20's, has a few years to do this in and not wreck her body and she can walk away any time after the baby is born. If she stays she will be given 11 months to get back in shape before she will be bred again and during all this she must produce milk to help pay for her keep. She said once she is up to three pints a day she should be making close to a grand a month for. "What is his name?"The advisor mopped his face with a white handkerchief. "Julian."The king still looked at the advisor with an eagle's sharpness that belied his illness. "When will I know your answer?" he asked."Within fourteen days," the Veilander replied, "If my prince is so inclined." Do I still have the right of refusal?" Flora asked. The question was out before she had truly considered it. Her father's face pinkened, but she couldn't be sorry."Of course, Daughter."The advisor gave her.

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