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”“Frog on a bug, huh? Don’t talk about my southernisms again.”“I heard Chuck say that the other day, and I thought it was fun as hell. I gue...s I’m picking up y’alls country accent and southernisms, as you called it.”“Y’alls, huh?”“Don’t make fun of me for picking this crap up from y’all. I’m around you all the time and it just sticks to me like a tick.”We were still laughing when we walked up the steps to the Courthouse. “We’ll go down to the ASCS office first.”When we walked in, the woman who. . So I started a diet and worked out for 4 months gaining a more girlish figure until I decided to go and buy some things.. I got looks and felt awkward I explained that it was for a girl and they smiled but I feel as though they knew what I was going for... I bought some rose designed knee highs and a corset top with a little red skirt attached to it.. it was beautiful and I felt sexy in it..I even went to a Halloween costume shop and bought a decent wig.. bought some make up and watched. I unhooked it. I opened her top 3 buttons...She said no...We are going too far. I started kissing her cheeks and slowly moved down her neck and my hands were busy with her breasts. I located her nipples and found they were becoming hard. Suzy was moaning I opened her top and threw it away , the breasts were finally free and I dived into the juicy ripe mangoes. After 20 years my fantasy was getting fulfilled and I would finally savor the fruits of a 20 year wait...I squeezed her nipples with. I slept very deep that night, very satisfied. The only thing missing was Leah holding me, that was the only thing that could have made it better. When I awoke the next morning my kitty wasn't the only thing that was sore. It now had the company of my thighs, abdomen, lower back, calves, pelvic muscles AND my boobs (Self inflicted, can't blame Leah for those.). When I got to school there was the 'choker club' with Leah motioning me over. I came into the group rather meek but was instantly.

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