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Holly knew, certainly, and Marisa and Silver had been outside of suspicion, but that didn’t mean the latter two were aware of how close the infiltra...or had gotten to Bridgewater.The man flinched, one of only a spare few signs that Bridgewater didn’t have complete control over everything before him. “Ears only, Gene. Remember?”“Sorry...”“It’s fine. I’ll bring these two up to speed shortly. As to your question ... I have a couple of suspects, both of whom are currently in Tirano and didn’t come. Being too tired, having stuff on my mind, not feeling particularly beautiful or attractive, being too hot or too cold, all the things that can interrupt a sexual climax, but then I have a persistent and caring lover lovingly lapping at my creamy pussy until I blushingly burst forth in orgasmic bliss. Exhausted, I reached down and pulled my husband up into my arms and kissed him deeply, tasting the sperm and my own orgasm upon his lips, knowing that the intensity of the moment was equally. Even the rooms that have meat smoking aren't locked. Anyway, Michael, I have all of the keys for that door in my pocket except for the one you have. Why didn't you tell me about that stuff? I could have paid more attention and watched it." That's the problem with stuff like that, Mom, it causes too much trouble. Do you remember me telling you about all of that money that I had to watch? It makes people crazy, and I don't want our home turned into a zoo."Mom sighed, "I understand, Michael, but. You are my slave, my pet, my whore. I can do what the fuck I like with you. I've caught you stealing and I have the evidence to send you to prison for a long time. I also have photos of you being humiliated and degraded last night. Any attempt to leave my employ or to disobey me will result in the evidence being sent to the police and the photos distributed on the internet and sent to your friends and family. Do you understand?”“Yes sir,” Claire nodded, her face pale as the realisation of her.

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