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He grumbled -- he actually grumbled at me, a low noise down in his throat -- but his hindquarters were going on automatic. He humped forward again ful... force, slid into me, and grumbled no more as he tightened his forelegs around me and began pounding.He was rock hard. My eyes widened a bit and I let out an escalating sequence of “Oh! Ohhh!” sounds as the first strokes forced me open. Even as wet and ready as I was, he felt thick and tight inside me. He has no notion whatsoever of taking things. “I’m heading home.” “What’s your name?” asked the girl, “I’m new; I only started today. I don’t know anyone and I’m a bit shy." She didn’t seem shy to Helen, but she was a kind person, always willing to befriend someone. “I’m Helen. I haven’t been here long myself.” “I’m Kat; do you fancy going for a cup of coffee?” “Okay,” answered Helen, though she would rather have gone straight home for a sleep. When they got to the coffee bar it was heaving. “I don’t like crowded places,” moaned Kat. Only Robert, Robert’s cousin Jeff, and Berto would accompany me when we staged the raid. Zack would ferry us to the beach, and would return the Zodiac so there would be no sign of our arrival. One of the helicopters flew us into New Orleans where the C-20 met us, and flew us to Brownville where we napped, waiting for our Blackhawk to make the flight from the ranch.At 2300 Saturday, we boarded the Blackhawk at a nearby military base. It took us east, and then south over the Gulf. I had to close. Alistair couldn’t seem to resist his big puppy eyes, and his discipline suffered as a result. We ended up giving him his own bed in the living room and closing him out of our bedroom at night. Cailan was having no more luck with his dog, and it was hilarious to watch the brothers struggle with their headstrong puppies. Bethany was a little better, but even she couldn’t match Carver’s efficiency.Jaro worked with the two unbonded puppies, at least getting them up to speed with basic things like.

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