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Bimla ruansi si ho ke boli toh kya hua haath dho lena ,aone susu mein bhi toh haath lagana padta hai aur mein yahan tumare liye hi aayee aur tum ….....eine surrender hote hue kaha ki thik hai lekin tum dono haath ko bandhwa lo mujhe dar lagta hai ki kahin jalan thodi bhi jyada hui toh mere upar haath naa chale waise bhi haath nahi hathoda hai tumara. Sun kar muskura di aur khusi khusi haath paanv bandhwa liye. Petikot ka naada pura hi khol diya aur pahle uske nipple chusse boobs dabaye aur light. It was mid-afternoon an we was both thirsty. Most places, there was no restrictions on any male goin' inta a saloon, no matter what his age, so Sam an' I went in lookin' fer somethin' ta cool our whistle. I wanted a Mexican beer, but Sam settled fer a sasparilla. We took our drinks ta a table in the back of the saloon an' cooled them down ta our taste.We sat there talkin' about nothin' much, but enjoyin' the cool of the room an' bein' out of the direct sun. It might be late fall, but it was. Jessie looked at me with fear in his eyes. “I won’t do it if you don’t want me to. I don’t want anyone but you Jessica.” I smiled at him. “Go ahead. Just this once. It’s kind of a special occasion.” I lifted myself off of Jessie and kissed him. I sat on the recliner that was now soaked with my cum and watched as Jessie walked over to my mother. He got a stool and sat it between Mom’s legs. “Dad, do you mind?” Dad was still thrusting his cock in my mother’s ass. “Give her what she wants Son.. They both sat down in Martin's office across from one another, Martin behind his desk and Father Joseph in a chair in front of the desk.Martin suspected he knew why Father Joseph was there, but he hoped he was wrong, "What can I do for you Father?"Father Joseph had dealt with Martin before and he knew how unreasonable he could be. He wasn't sure where to begin, but he felt being open and honest was probably the best approach, "I was talking with Sister Agatha and she said Mia has been rather.

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