Tina slid closer to the banging couple, cradling Martha's head in her crotch, and suddenly she felt Martha push hard against her. George gasped as he ...elt the come shooting out of his cock and deep into Martha's gash.The trio lay on the floor for a few moments, resting, but fondling each other and getting ready for a second go at each other."Don't you think that she and Cliff should go at it?" Martha asked her husband."It's about time. I think that some of our female guests downstairs are. While he moved the furniture, they chattered and socialized so by the time the first of the public had arrived they were laughing as though they had known each other for years. Maybe it was because of that association that when he came back into the kitchen area she was constantly brushing against him, something that certainly didn't irritate him but made him begin to wonder if, in the right circumstances she would fuck. Hardly had the thought passed out of his mind when she stooped down, and. I felt so totally alive.And then as completely as it consumed me, the feelings passed.And I realised I was alone.The chair opposite me was empty.The door to the flat snapped closed. I looked toward the noise,startled.The room was empty.I was completely alone.I got up and started to run to the window and stumbled immediately,almost falling. I was suddenly wearing blocky open-toed heels. Mycentre of balance was thrown off. I looked down at the chipped red nailpolish, the bare toes, the bare. He walked straight over to Samantha, and released his hard and swollen cock from his zipper. As he looked down at her, he could see her full breasts through her shirt. He wanted badly to slide his cock in between them, but the sight of Samantha's open mouth seemed much more tempting. He slid his cock right in, as far as he could go, until he heard her begin to gag. He withdrew his cock and checked to see was she ok. Samantha looked up at him and smiled. "You've got a great cock, Officer Steve,.

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